We have a great opportunity for any small businesses, entrepreneurs or startups with an exciting, interesting or innovative business AND who are looking for support with finances, strategy and resources.

Yianni (Yiannimize) and Bally (The Rich List) are coming together to offer AT LEAST £10k investment, a luxury business trip for 2 and all the support you’ll need to succeed.

Your business does NOT have to be car related.


- £10,000 (minimum) cash investment into your business.
- One week Luxury Business Trip for TWO - join us on The Yiannimize Grand Tour as a regular entry.
- Grand Tour Sponsorship Package - your logo on everything.
- Access to Yiannimize & The Rich List Contacts & Networks.
- Business Advice & Mentorship with Yianni (Yiannimize) and Bally (Rich List)

Click the APPLY HERE link below and fill out the Form. PLEASE read the T&C's here and the Criteria on the form page.

Midnight Friday 26th April 2019
Midnight Friday 3rd May 2019

Due to a few key reasons we've decided to extend the deadline by 1 week.
- delay in our Terms being cleared and published.
- delay in us responding to all questions.
- entrepreneurs requesting to extend the deadline.


If your question is not listed below PLEASE read this whole page AND the Entry Form page before contacting us to ask.

Q. Is the £10k a gift or a loan or do you want equity?
A. It's not a loan, it's not a gift, we are making an investment in a startup business we believe has the potential to make money and make an impact.

Q. Will the winner be forced to give up equity?
A. The finalists will have made an agreement they are happy with BEFORE the winner is decided.

Q. I really want to meet Yianni, Bally and market my business to their audiences but don't want to give up any equity in my business. What can I do?
A. Pay to come on the Yiannimize Grand Tour.

Q. What is the maximum cash you are willing to invest?
A. We believe the startup we're able to help will benefit from a cash investment of £10-100k. That's £5-50k from Yianni and Bally.

Q. What will you be basing the final cash investment on?
A. We are offering a cash investment of £10-100k, this will be based on negotiations with the Entrepreneur taking into account we are also offering our guidance, marketing, network, resource contribution and the Yiannimize Grand Tour.

Q. Where are the Terms & Conditions?
A. These will be uploaded asap.
A. The full terms and conditions are available here.

Q. Why do you have to be over 18 to enter?
A. Because the winner will be coming on the Yiannimize Grand Tour.

Q. What types of business are you interested in?
A. The business can be in any industry as long as it is innovative, disruptive and with global appeal.

Q. Is the 500 Instagram Followers a strict criteria for entry?
A. It is more a guide to highlight that we are looking for businesses that are already active and on the runway. We will consider <500 IF you tick all the other boxes.

Q. Can I use my friends/families company to enter the contest?
A. This isn't a scratch card lottery chance to win big cash prizes. We are looking for serious startup businesses with big ambitions that we can genuinely help.

Q. What is the next stage after I submit my startup business on the form?
A. The next stage is Yianni and Bally will shortlist 30 from the hundreds that have entered. They will then sit down together and select TEN each to go through to the next stage.

Q. Where can I see a breakdown of the full format?
A. We will not be revealing the format. It will involve the entrepreneurs talking on camera and seeing/learning more about their business.

Q. When will the winner be announced?
A. The shortlist will be announced in a video by May 10. The remaining stages will be played out online with the eventual winner being decided and revealed by June 7.

Q. Is there a way to follow what happens?
A. This will be a series on the Yiannimize YouTube Channel, each stage will be a video and there'll be a video of the winning startup business owners on tour too.

Q. What car will the eventual winning startup drive on the Yiannimize Grand Tour?
A. They can drive their own car, we can discuss leasing options for them or they can jump in on the luxury tour bus.

Q. Will The Yiannimize Grand Tour and The Grand Entrepreneur be happening next year?
A. This is the 1st year for BOTH so we will make that announcement in July.

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